The Erotic Suite

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Erotic Suite at the Palms Casino Resort



Erotic Suite

It doesn't get any sexier than the Erotic Suite. Adorned with rich leathers, brushed metals, a Show Shower and a huge rotating bed with mirrored ceiling, this 1,450-square-foot suite is where the saying "What happens in Vegas" originated.


Features & Amenities

    • Show Shower
    • Show Shower
      When your shower has a center dancing pole and nightclub inspired lighting, things tend to get a little dirty, even while getting clean.

    • Rotating Bed
    • Rotating Bed
      Sleeping isn't much of a priority when you've got an eight-foot round, rotating bed with mirrored ceiling.

    • Wet Bar
    • Wet Bar
      Bar beverages available for purchase upon request prior to arrival.

    • TV
    • LCD and Plasma TVs
      When you're not putting on a show, you can watch one on the Erotic Suite's seven TVs.

    • VIP Pass
    • VIP Nightclub Pass
      When it's time to get sexy on the dance floor, you and your crew will have VIP status at ghostbar and Moon.

    • Car Service
    • Car Service
      Arrive in style. Our blacked out Escalade is at your service for runs to the airport *gratuity not included.

    • Fitness Center
    • Drift Spa and Fitness Center access
      Whether you want to break a sweat in the sauna or on the treadmill, you'll have full access to our facilities.

    • Bedding
    • Egyptian Cotton Bedding
      Uber-comfortable, high-end pillows, duvets and bedding will ensure you sleep in style and wake up rejuvenated.



  • Location
  • Palms Fantasy Tower
  • Size
  • 1,450 square feet
  • Beds
  • An eight-foot round, rotating bed
  • Rooms
  • Living room
  • Master bedroom
  • 2.5 Bathrooms
  • Guests
  • One lucky couple


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