Fall 2014 Hair Trends


Fall 2014 Hair Trends


2014 fall hair trends

As the summer pool season nears an end, we decided to sit down with Palms Casino Resort’s own Director of Salon Operations, Jorgen Nielsen, to discuss everything from summer style, tips for maintaining a healthy mane and what trends we might begin to see as fall gets underway.

While the summer spirit was in full swing in 2014, the season didn’t have a “stand-out” trend according to Nielsen.

“Summer is one of those times when everyone is not on their A game,” Nielsen said. “It’s a time for a break.”

He mentioned that if anything, more relaxed maintenance and styling is typically the driving force for summer hair while many people are vacationing or constantly running around outdoors. Shorter lengths and high-top knots are popular during summer months as a result, but not necessarily trend-setting.

While summer might be the “anything goes” season when it comes to hair, the exact opposite holds true for fall.

“A lot of people are coming back from summer vacation and trips looking to get back into the care and maintenance of their hair,” Nielsen said. “They are looking to get their coloring back as well as get more serious about conditioning treatment.”

This fall may not be poised to have a dramatic look either, but Nielsen does have his opinion on what we can expect to see in terms of styles and colors as the weather cools.

“Color trends for the fall will embrace slightly golden blonde tones as well as focus on the nuance of shades. It will be all about the relationship between the different shades of color, therefore not as drastic as was the case in the summer,” Nielsen said.

In terms of styles, three separate trends that will also be popular this fall will be low, side swipe bangs, long layers (predominantly cut vertical) and the slight A-line bob according to Nielsen.

As for how to care for your new do, Nielsen recommends taking a regular sabbatical from your daily styling routine.

“Tuesday is my conditioning day,” Nielsen said. “Everyone should take a break every week on a day when they typically run errands to put down the hair dryer and curling iron to give their hair a break.”

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