Maintain Your Fitness on the Go


Maintain Your Fitness on the Go

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Maintain Your Fitness on the Go

yoga in your Vegas room

We get it…you’re on a summer escape to Vegas and you’ve hit the buffet one too many times. With so many dining options to try at Palms, you’ve tasted your way to feeling too much like a bump on a log, and lounging by the pool is not sufficient enough exercise to cut the calories from the unmentionable number of signature cocktails you’ve had this weekend. Well, never fear!

We’ve got list of helpful workout hints to get you feeling back in tip-top party-hopping shape. Think you need a full gym to get it right? Think again.

1. Bed Push-ups

We’re not talking about romance, though that’s not a bad way to get a little exercise in, either. Using the bed as a platform, you can make this version of the everyday push-up more or less difficult. Keep your toes on the floor, put your hands on the edge of the bed, and lean in for an incline push-up (easy option), or reverse your hand and foot placement for a decline push-up (more difficult).

2. Leg Swingers

Find a sturdy piece of furniture with a little bit of floor space surrounding it. Bedposts or dressers usually work best. Lay on the floor facing upwards with your arms straight out behind you. Hold on to one of the furniture legs or posts for stability and lift your legs straight into the air, so they’re perpendicular to your torso. Slowly lower your legs to about 6” above the floor, and repeat. 3 sets of 15 should do the trick for a decent in-room ab workout. Optional: twist to the right and left to challenge those obliques!

3. Hide-n-Go Seek

Depending on your Palms suite, there are probably enough spaces, corners, and hallways to get a pretty legit game going—and why wouldn’t you? Vegas is your playground, after all. Old school tips: the tub makes a good hiding place, as does under the bed. It might not be the best cardio workout, but at the very least, you’ll get your heart pumping.

While your room* might just have what you need to avoid letting your vacation get the best of your well-earned six-pack, the Palms Fitness Center is always right around the corner. In addition to a fully appointed Pilates studio, the fitness center features free-weights, circuit training, treadmills and elliptical machines. If you really want to break a sweat, this is the best place at Palms.

*Palms is not responsible for any damaged bedframes or pulled hammies that occur as a result of this post.