Liquor Infusions / Scarlet Bar


Liquor Infusions / Scarlet Bar


Liquor Infusions / Scarlet Bar

Scarlet Bar at Palms Casino Resort

As the saying goes, too much of the same is never a good thing. So many of the best pairs are strangely unexpected. That’s right—we’re thinking along the lines of peanut butter and jelly, sweet and sour, black and white. The world is full of yin-yang success stories; it’s the law of opposite attraction, and it doesn’t just stop with protons and electrons, classic sandwich ingredients, or marriages. So much of what Palms Casino Resort is proud of comes from our innovation. We’re a leader in hospitality and we’ve redefined luxury by thinking beyond typical accommodation—and don’t think for a second you won’t find this sort of creativity on our cocktail menus.

Sugar and spice makes everything nice…

Especially our signature drinks. True, we take the time to craft custom cocktails that combine spirits, aromatics, bitters, and fresh produce, but the innovation goes a level deeper than what you can see in your glass.

At Scarlet, your drink is handcrafted right down to the poison—in fact, you might even want to enjoy a sip or three straight. Thoughtfully infused for a minimum of three week’s with the earth’s goodness from coffee beans to banana chips, cinnamon sticks to peppers, our offerings will satisfy (and/or seduce) your palate like no liquor infusion you’ve ever tasted.

Not sure you’re into it? Here’s shortlist of temptations from our current summer menu:

  • Pineapple Apricot—Bursting with flavor, this tequila, dried pineapple and dried apricot creation tastes like summer in a glass
  • Pineapple Peach—A blend of tequila, dried pineapple and fresh peaches ideal for sipping as the sun goes down
  • Papaya Mango Lime with Tequila—Papaya, mango, lime and tequila come together to create a tangy and sweet infusion with a kick
  • Bacon Vodka—This bacon lover’s dream is so delicious it can easily stand alone, or is especially great for bloody marys
  • Peach Sweet Tea Vodka—Taste the south with a mix of peach and sweet tea vodka that is sure to keep you hydrated (the thirst is real!)
  • Apple Peach Vodka – Sweeter than apple pie, the Apple Peach Vodka infusion is the cherry on top to any sizzling hot day
  • Fig Infused Manhattan— Bourbon and fig come together for a savory combination sure to hit the spot all season long

And to sweeten the experience even further, Scarlet Bar not only boasts Vegas’ most innovative liquor infusions, but it’s our favorite atmosphere for an intimate cocktail hour. It’s red. It’s velvet. It’s sexy. For times like these, we recommend the Pepper.

Banana Bread Infused Cocktail at Scarlet Bar
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