Summertime Blockbusters at the Palms


Summertime Blockbusters at the Palms


Summertime Blockbusters at the Palms

While we all enjoy the sunshine of summer in Vegas, we know that sometimes it’s nice to escape the heat. What better way to cool off than in a luxury high-back seat watching one of the year’s biggest blockbusters? The Palms’ Brendan Theatres is just the place to do so. With 14 state-of-the-art theatres (including IMAX Experience), digital sound, tiered stadium seating, and wall-to-wall curved screens, you’ll be more than happy that you decided to take a break from the pool. And what you watch might even inspire the rest of your Las Vegas getaway... The Hangover III at the Brenden Theatre

Our Season Picks:

The Great Gatsby: Make Vegas Your Big Apple

Release Date: May 10th

We’re no Roaring 20s New York City, but (as far as we’re concerned) the Palms throws a party that’ll rival any Jay Gatsby soiree. Enjoy this long-awaited blockbuster—jam-packed with romance, deceit, and glamor—then live your own high-life on the top-floor of our fantasy tower at Moon. Bottle service, exclusive entertainment, and impeccable ambiance; it’s a Gatsby garden party, Vegas-style.

The Hangover: Part III—Pay Homage to the Original!

Release Date: May 24th

While this third installment takes the Wolfpack (and all of their debauchery and bad decision making) to L.A., as the hometown of the original Hangover, we can’t help but feel a special loyalty to this film. See the third and then have your own Vegas adventure like the plot of the first (preferably with less missing grooms, hungry tigers, and unattended babies).

The Purge: Anything Goes in Sin City

Release Date: June 7th

One night when all criminal activity is legal and the citizens regulate themselves? The plot of this summer thriller takes human liberty to the extremes of crime and violence. Watch it, and afterwards, exercise your freedom to have as much fun in Vegas that you want. With luxury accommodations, a top-notch casino floor, and endless entertainment opportunities, you’ll feel like jailbird free at last!