The Opening of Heraea


The Opening of Heraea


The Opening of Heraea: A Sports Bar for the Ladies

Heraea celebrated its big opening on February 17th and promises to be just as much fun for the women as for the men.  Located in the Palms Casino Resort, this new lounge is a combination of sports bar and American restaurant and is expected to appeal to couples and single ladies as much as men who love sports. Heraea Sports Restaurant at the Palms Casino Resort

What Makes Heraea Special

Guests can expect the traditional American fare found in sports bars but created in a whole new way.  From starters and salads to full entrees, they can enjoy game day favorites with a unique flavor as well as specialty cocktails that are created just for the women. The signature drink, named Callipateira (pictured below), derives from an ancient story about a married woman who put on a beard so she could watch her son perform at the ancient Olympic games in Greece.

Even the design of the bar was created with women in mind.  The inspiration came from the Heraean Games, the first official competition just for women.  The event began back in 6th Century BC to honor women’s strength and skill.  The Heraea sports bar wants to appeal to today’s women with a design that entices them to visit while providing comfort in a lavish atmosphere.

Guests will notice the soft lighting and plush carpets with metal and chain screens that provide intimacy and opulence.  The massive LED television receives special attention on the center stage for watching all types of sporting events in style.  You can also enjoy two options for your dinner: either in the lounge or by the pool.

More than a Sports Bar

Heraea offers more than just a place to watch sports.  You have the convenience of placing your bets right inside the lounge with a tablet at each table and a Cantor satellite counter. 

You can also enjoy live music entertainment at Heraea with musicians and electric DJs.  The variety makes this restaurant a major step ahead of traditional sports bars to appeal to a wide audience. 

Heraea is just one more modern amenity that has been brought to the Palms Casino Resort.  This stylish and sophisticated hotel has been updated with a new look and new features to provide luxury and convenience to all of its guests.  You will find a variety of eateries from sports bars such as Heraea to casual cafes and steakhouses.  In addition, you can enjoy an afternoon at the spa as well as spending a few hours playing games in the casino.

For a unique take on a sports bar that appeals to both the ladies and the guys, Heraea provides an atmosphere to interest everyone long after the game has ended. Stop by and let us know what you think!

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