Which World Cup City Are You?


Which World Cup City Are You?

world cup stadium panorama

The World Cup is in full swing and Palms is loving every minute of it. From last minute wins to upset losses, we’re all about the action and passion behind every match. But as a hotel resort situated in one of the most famous cities around, we can’t help but watch the tournament from behind a unique lens: as hosts.

Our guests come from all over to live the Sin City motto. It’s true…what happens here, stays here, but that doesn’t mean everyone flocks to Las Vegas with the same kind of vacation in mind. Some come for the party, some come for the pool. We know there’s all kinds of you escapists out there, and we like to think we’ve got a little (or a lot) for everyone.

So, since the World Cup is pretty much the only thing we’re thinking about these days, here’s a breakdown of our favorite kinds of weekend visitors, based on the personalities of the World Cup’s Brazilian host cities:

1. The Relaxer (Recife)

You don’t have a problem with the party, but sometimes the music’s just a bit too loud. You’re a vibrant, natural beauty that doesn’t spend too much time fussing about the details, and when you’re at Palms, you’re either lounging poolside, cocktail in hand, or enjoying the comfort of your luxury suite. You’re a sit-back, have-a-drink, and sleep-in kind of guest.

2. The Mover (Sao Paulo)

There aren’t enough minutes in the desert’s day for you to accomplish the epic vacation you’ve set out for. You’re all about modern entertainment, you’re most at home in a crowd, and you’re never content with a lazy day. From Live DJ dance parties, to open air concerts, to the energy of the casino floor, you’re here to soak it all up…and you will.

3. The Explorer (Brasilia)

“Good Taste” is your middle name and it’s likely you’ve got (at least) a BA in Art History. You’re here as much for the party as you are for observing the culture of the strip. Being the center of attention isn’t your main motive, but you’ve got no problem getting out there, seeing the sights, and classing it up. In fact, you’re probably sipping an Old Fashioned at Scarlet Bar right now, aren’t you?

If any of these descriptions resonate with you and you can’t make it to Brazil, fear not! Palms has just the ticket for your perfect escape, and plenty of venues to watch the game.

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